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1 Website

10 GB Space

10 Email Accounts

5 TB Bandwidth

5 Database

FREE SSL Certificate

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited Inodes

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5 Website

20 GB Space

20 Email Accounts

5 TB Bandwidth

10 Database

FREE SSL Certificate

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited Inodes

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10 Website

30 GB Space

30 Email Accounts

5 TB Bandwidth

25 Database

FREE SSL Certificate

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited Inodes

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15 Website

50 GB Space

60 Email Accounts

5 TB Bandwidth

50 Database

FREE SSL Certificate

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited Inodes


SMTP Limit

300 Mails per hour per domain

PHP Execution

Max upto 300 Seconds

PHP Memory Limit

Max 256MB

Database Size

Max 2GB Per Database

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Bulk Emailing


Illegal Content


Child Abuse/Pornography


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Privacy Protected

When anyone registers a domain, their personal information such as name, email address, phone number, and home address gets available on the WHOIS database as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires accredited registrars to publish this information. These data can be misused by Hackers and Scammers in the way of Domain Hijacking, Spam Calls, Emails & SMSES, Identity Theft, Phishing Attacks, Domain-Related Spam, and many others. We would like to assure our customers that with Future18 Privacy protection, your domain will be well protected from spam and unsolicited emails, unwanted phones, emails, or any kind of identity theft.

With Future18's advanced privacy protection, your data on the WHOIS platform will get masked with placeholder data so that no one can check your personal information.

Future18 Domain Privacy
Customer Domain Dashboard

One Click Dashboard

This is one of our unique features which we have developed and designed especially for our clients only. All our Dashboards are designed with a User-Friendly Interface which helps our users to manage all under one login of Dashboard. Along with our Future18 CDN installation is just 1 hassle-free step-by-step installation.

Free CDN & SSL

Today it's a global expectation for the fast loading of content on the website. Keeping this in mind, Future18 has built the Content Delivery Network (CDN) that can meet the expectations of the growing demand. We're offering our customers free inbuilt CDN, and it is as good to others. With Future18 CDN, you'll get access to all features, and it does not matter the size of the account. Future18 CDN is fast, scalable (can handle all levels of traffic from a single website to multiple websites), and is quite reliable.

SSL is a kind of security level which is designed to protect your username and password. We're offering it free of charge as we understand what is correct for our customers. For every domain purchased, we provide Future18 free CDN enabled with SSL. This will help your site to open and display with faster speed & will also help to protect your data to be encrypted during transit, this feature helps secure your site. Such features are charged extra by other service providers, which we provide our clients free of cost.

Future18 Domain CDN Feature

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Whether you are looking for a personal, business or web agency hosting plan, we are the perfect solution for you. Our powerful hosting services will not only help you achieve your overall hosting goals, but will also provide you with the confidence you need in knowing that you are partnered with a reliable and secure website hosting platform.

We are one of the easiest hosting platforms to use and remain committed to providing our customers with one of the best hosting solutions on the market as per their needs.

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Privacy Protected

We understand your privacy and we fully respect it. We strongly believe in protecting privacy of each of our stakeholders. Therefore, we do not use any analytic tools or ad based tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Pixel or any other third party applications which are widely used to track your cookies, visitors or interest based experiments during your visit on our site or even while navigating on our site pages. We have our own analytical tools, which remains under constant supervision & is monitored by Future18 only. We keep such data for our personal monitoring purpose to analyze the traffic, visitor's pattern of purchase etc. Also we adhere & follow the privacy protection laws, as stated under the government.

Your data remains safe & secure with us, and we do not share or sell your data to any other third party companies like web development agencies, business development groups or any of such kind. Your each visit to our website is safe, secure and 100% Privacy Protected.

For more information you can visit our PRIVACY POLICY.